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a non-profit 501(c)(3) junior cycling team

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Coach Erin Young

Started in 2019

“Erin has been racing for close to a decade, and coaching for 5 years. With top ten finishes at Elite Track nationals and many state and regional titles, Erin brings experience, insight, and enthusiasm to the team. “


Racing age 14

Amelia shown here with her leaders jersey from 2107 Tour of Southern Highlands in 10-12 age group. Amelia races CX as well during winter months. 

Andrew D.

Racing age 16

Andrew loves road riding and racing on the Veldrome!


racing age 16

Elijah joined in 2017 and has shown massive skills on the bike, even giving our most senior team members quite a challenge! 

Gabe C.

Joined 2017, races road and CX

Gabe is a tri-athlete and up and coming CX star!

Ian Poore

AKA: "Ian 2.0" Racing Age 18, races Road, Track CAT 3

Ian started racing at the age of  10 at the Dick Lane Velodrome. This experience and many years of watching Tour de France racing led him to try road racing. Ian crashed out in both of his first road races but the ambition to succeed led him to continue on. He got back on his bike and finished more than a dozen races his first year. Since then he has competed all over the Southeast and raced at Junior Nationals in 2016. He continues to race Road,  and Track and recently got into mountain biking.


I first learned to ride a bike in my house; there was a circuit I could ride really fast while leaning on one training wheel. I started riding at the Velodrome in 2015 and this is my first year on the Mission Source Team. My first race was the East Atlanta Crit in 2015 and I hope to do much better this year with all the awesome training I'm receiving from DLV. I love to go the extra mile (or two or three or...) during weekend training with Coach Jackie.

Julien R

I started racing at the Dick Lane Velodrome and I like road racing and track racing.



One of East Point's finest junior sprinters, Josh started at the velodrome and joined the team in 2017, racing in Tour of Southern highlands, Hapeville Crit and numerous other races. 

Lamin W.

Age 18, track and road racer

Lamin joined the team in 2017 - another East Point junior - he loves competition and can really turn those cranks!

Max O.

Loves Road, CX and he's the Track national Champion in 2017

This young man has more experience than you could imagine, he's been at the Velodrome since he could walk and all the big road races around the SE. 

Reece L

Age 17, Cat 3

I began racing at age eight. My love for racing came from watching my Dad compete. I've raced all across the country in six national championships. I have multiple state championship wins in various disciplines. Last year I did high school mountain biking and had a great time. I look forward to racing with Mission Devo again in 2019. 


Sophie started racing at the Dick Lane Velodrome at the age of 8 when we lived only four blocks from the track. She tried and loved cyclocross last fall and is excited to venture into road racing this spring. .

Tyler P.

Racing age 16, Tri-athelete and road racer

William Seitz

Road, Mountain, CX - Cat 3

William is an all-star and has been racing since he was a child. He races all year in all almost all disciplines. William competed in 2017 at the Pan American Championships in Louisville. here's an article about this amazing young man:

Legacy Team members Below:

Former team members, gone but not forgotten!

The following are legacy Team members! 

Annalise O.

Road and track expert - Pictured here as Woman of the Year awarded by Dick lane Velodrome

Annalise has been racing sinces she was very young at the velodrome. Today she is an accomplished Junior competing in Womans CAT racing both at the track and on the road. 

Corban B.

“aka” the Corbanator or “Wild Man Sam”

I think I might be the youngest Mission Source Jr. team member? I’m really only 8 years old, but I’m race age 9…..and cyclocross 10!!  I started out riding with my big brother, then started racing BMX when I was 5 years old. I just love to ride my bike! I have raced 2 years of cyclocross and I think it’s my favorite ‘cause I like the mud!!!! This year is my first year racing road, and I just got certified to race track too! I also love to watch pro races online. I am a HUGE Travis McCabe fan!!  I think my favorite race is any race that Reece AND Travis are there!! I love being on Mission Source because the bigger boys are nice to me and I have fun with them. When I’m not riding my bike, I’ll probably be drawing, dancing some freestyle, climbing trees, cooking brownies, shooting basketball, or playing old school Super Mario! 



I’ve loved to ride my bike for as long as I can remember! I believe I was called by God to ride my bike for His glory when I heard the Steven Curtis Chapman song “Do Everything” on the radio. The song is based on the verse Colossians 3:23. I started riding benefit rides at the age of 6. My biggest ride ever was a ride across the USA in 2014 when I was 9 years old. I did this ride with and it was a great adventure! I could tell stories for hours about this trip. So far I have rode my bike to raise over $20,000 for various charities. I must give all glory to God, because he gave me the ability to ride!  When I was 9, I started racing road and cyclocross. Then when I was 11, I also started racing track. I still ride several local benefit rides every year and love to just go out riding on the backroads near my house.  

My favorite race is probably the Winston Salem Cycling Classic because it’s my hometown race, it’s where I got my first ever payout, and I get to see almost all of the big continental pro racers race in person! I follow pro cycling online and watch every chance I get. If I’m not out riding you might find me watching the GCN or a race on Youtube. I hope to oneday have my own Youtube channel about cycling and I dream of racing in Europe one day! Even though I've been a "pretend" teammate for a couple years,  I am VERY excited to officially be on team Mission Source this year with so many of my cycling buddies and look forward to learning more about how to ride road and track with teammates!!.


2016 National Champion

Artem won all three events in Junior Nationals in 2016. this promising young man is now racing CAT 3 and tearing up the road!

Joseph S.

 Joseph began riding at the age of four.  His first race was the Big Wheel race at the Athens Twilight Criterium.  We still laugh about it to this day because, when he turned the corner to ride to the finish line, he was in first place with a huge smile on his face, just toodling along like he wasn't even racing.  We kept cheering him on to hurry and go and he just kept going with the same speed and the same huge smile...and won the race.  We think maybe he didn't even realize he was racing.  He enjoyed participating in many local kids' races after that.
     Joseph began riding with the Youth Cycling League at the Dick Lane Velodrome when he was seven. This has been a wonderful experience for him.  He has made a lot of friends and learned great handling skills. Joseph races in most of the local races and the velodrome races in the summer. Last summer he  won the 2015 Amp Cycling Series Championship for his age group. He also enjoyed riding in the Bike Ride Across Georgia.  Joseph has ridden in the North Georgia mountains, Fort Worth, Washington D.C., and has mountain biked in 
Santa Fe, NM.  Joseph is grateful for the opportunity to be on the Mission Source Juniors team and he is thankful for the volunteers at the track.


Racing age 16.

Brandon rides both track and road, loves being on the bike. 


Racing age 16

I got into biking because a family friend knew that i was into mountain biking and he told me about a road biking team, so i decided to try it out.


Henry got hooked on biking with his first fixie, and his love for the sport got stronger after his first ride at the Dick Lane Velodrome. He says the speed and the strategy of biking are the best part. Off-road, Henry sings with Atlanta Young Singers and is a film student at DeKalb School of the Arts.n...


James began riding at the age of four. His first race was at the Grant Park Criterium when he was four. He "dropped the field" and won the race. He immediately raced in the next category right after that. After the race, he remembers saying "uh" a lot and saying, "it was was like sailing a boat!" He then went on to race at the Athens Twilight Criterium kids' races every year with the highlight being the Parade Lap at night in front of thousands of spectators. He was hooked!
James began racing at the Dick Lane Velodrome at age 10 with the Youth Cycling League. He races in most of the velodrome races, often with a podium spot at the end of the night. This past summer (2015) he got third in the Junior State Track Championships. He owes a lot to the volunteers at the velodrome for their instruction and mentoring. James races in most of the local criteriums and just recently moved up to a Cat. 4. He has raced in over forty races since 2012 in addition to the velodrome summer races. He also loves mountain biking.
This past summer, James got 1st in the Junior Georgia State Road Race Championships. He also got first in the Georgia State Games Junior Crit Championships. At the end of the racing season, he was honored to receive the Junior State Championship Series Award. James loves being a member of the Mission Source Junior Cycling Team because he has met a lot of new people and he enjoys hanging out with them at the races. He has learned a lot from Rob and Jackie over the years and appreciates the opportunities that Mission Source has given him.

Ian N

AKA "Ian 3.0"

I started as a triathlete at age seven. And learned about Mission source through the Dick Lane Velodrome and the Georgia Games TT

Jorge H.

A level track racer and dedicated Road racer

I started racing at the age of 13 when I saw a sign on the gate of the Dick Lane Velodrome for youth cycling league. As I started riding my bike more often and training in the velodrome I started to get better and I also started to like cycling more.


Owen has enjoyed cycling with several Mission Source teammates from a young age. His first USA Cycling sanctioned race as the Greenville Spring Series Criterium on the BMW Test Track when he was 7 years old, squeaking into the 10-12 age group. His passion for many disciplines of the sport has grown ever since. One of his most cherished and challenging cycling experiences was shared with teammate Reece Latham ヨ a successful climb on their first attempt of Brasstown Bald just a couple weeks after Owenメs 9th birthday. They subsequently conquered each of the remaining 6 gaps over the course of the next year, then worked up through 3-gap training rides. Owen has raced over 100 events to date across road, criterium, and cyclocross throughout the Southeast, though his most impactful experiences have been USA Cycling Nationals ヨ Madison, WI for 2014 Juniors 9-10 Road events, and Carson, CA for 2015 Juniors 11-12 Track events. Owen enjoys the balance between riding and racing for Team Mission Source, always first keeping it fun.

Thomas C

Founding Member

Thomas started racing bikes at age 9 after watching the professional road national championship. He races men's CAT3 now all over the Southeast. 


racing age 16

Jude's enthusiasm and dedication to the sport never ceases to amaze! Jude can be found training on massive group rides, and racing even all over the Southeast! 

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