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Day 1 - Amateur Track National podiums and more!

Junior Track Nationals Update

What an exciting, fun, surprising day! The morning kicked off with 500 Time Trials for the 13-14's followed by the 11-12's. Reece finished 9th and Owen finished 20th in the 13-14's. In the 11-12's, Johnny finished 2nd and Max was 4th. Reece and Owen then raced 13-14 points race qualifying heats. Reece qualified and moved on to the finals where he won a point in the first sprint. When the bell rang for the final sprint he was not in a good position. We really thought his race might be done. He found a strong wheel and proceeded to move past about half the field. At that point he was setup perfectly for the last sprint and poured on the gas for the win! This earned him 10 points and a silver medal!!! Not to be outdone, Max and Johnny took control of the 11-12 scratch race from the beginning. It was amazing to watch the two of them. In the end, Max took the win with Johnny in 2nd. The last race of the night for the team was Annalise in the 15-16 scratch race. She had a great race and finished in 8th place.

We're all beyond proud of these kids!!!

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