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Jorge Hernandez 3rd Place USAC Greenville Crit

Racing in the 2015 USA Cycling criterium was a fantastic experience for me because it made me test my potential as a beginner cyclist. Starting off with the beginning of the race I felt extremely nervous and happy at the same time. When the whistle was blown I knew that everyone was going to sprint so I sprinted with two really fast kids and while I did that a kid of my age category drafted off of me and touched my wheel which had the adrenaline in my body spread and it made me just a little faster which was great. I later on with 20 minutes down and 10 to go I felt really tired and when I got to a hill on the course that had a restaurant next to it was vent that was ventilating all of the food smell out of the kitchen and it made me feel really sick and weak. The last five laps where the worst part of the race for me because I got left alone in lap 5 and 4 so I had no one to draft off of then after that I started to feel like I was cramping in laps 3 - 1 but I tried to forget about the pain and focus more on the road and the screaming of Greg and Reece encouraged me even more to keep going and I did and got third place.

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