Frequently asked questions. 

Who are we?


Our Junior team is made up of boys and girls from 9-18 who would like to take recreational cycling to the next step. Our program is designed to assist and support team members in all aspects of competitive cycling whether they are doing their very first races or need to refine their skills in order to advance to a National level U23 squad.


Who is the coach?


Our coach, WillIam Kaiser has  raced professionally in the US and currently races for SCAD Atlanta. William was one of the founding members with Mission Devo Cycling and worked his way up through the cycling world in juniors attending Junior Nationals U19, Willem graduated from the team in 2016 to Race on 706 and then Team Gateway-Harley . Willem became our coach in the fall of 2018! 


What has the team done for its kids and what have they accomplished?

There are currently 20 Jrs. on the team with the 2017 squad expected to be approximately 28. In 2016 our kids achieved 4 National Championships, 12 State Championships, and countless podiums. In the last two years we've graduated four kids to the USA Cycling elite team, Hincapie Holowesko-Citadel, 706P/United Healthcare, and/or the Gateway Harley Development Team. One of our team members, Ian Garrison, will be racing for Axion Hagens-Berman, the most successful U23 team in the world, in 2017. He placed 3rd in the Jr. World Championships in Qatar last month and we are very proud of him!

-Please see our Blog for more achievements!


What is your mission?


We are committed to bringing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle coupled with the discipline and fun of competitive cycling to youth regardless of their families financial resources.


Why would my child be interested in the team?


We're passionate about racing and riding but even more passionate about creating a healthy and seriously FUN environment where the kids learn to be part of a race team, support each other, participate in outreach programs, where kids can grow as young adults.


Do you work with other cycling resources in the area?


We work closely with the Dick Lane Velodrome in East Point to identify kids with the desire to race and assist with them in every way possible to make their dream of racing come true.


How much does it cost to be on the team?

The annual cost of membership is $250 per year. We provide the team members with an age-based training program, weekly (non-mandatory) team rides, skills training sessions, race day support, and more fun than they thought possible on two wheels!

What types of Races does the team compete in?

We race all of the local races; crits, road races, CX, TT, and track cycling. We also participate in high profile races throughout the Southeast and, of course, the National Championships. Race participation is not mandatory, we understand the challenges with school and other activities. We keep it fun and encourage kids to participate in other sports and academic activities throughout the year.


Who do I contact for more information?

Greg Latham -  Team Mission Source/NGCA

Vice-President - Georgia Bicycle Racing Association

USA Cycling certified coach



Or use our contact form here, we'll get right back to you!

youth cycling youth development kids racing juniors cycling bicycle 

about us: 


The Team Mission-Source 

Junior Development Team was 

created to solve a need found in the gap 

between the ability and potential of junior 

aged cyclist in the Atlanta-Metro area, 

and the guidance they were receiving.


who we are: 


We feel we have a unique 

opportunity to expand a junior 

cycling in the Southeast. Through the support of our sponsors, the North Georgia Cycling Association as a host team, and the 

commitment of the team members, parents, and first class coaching, 

we have developed a program that is accessible to talented Juniors 

regardless of their financial 

situation. We are dedicated to the goal that financial resources will not be a limiting factor for a child who has shown a commitment to 

cycling and has displayed the ability to work well in a team 



Our Junior team doesn't just race, we believe strongly that we can influence kids, across all demographics, to discover the joy of cycling. Whether it's through bike safety classes, junior specific training rides, or question/answer sessions on how to get involved in junior racing, our juniors enjoy spreading the message about the fun and benefits of cycling.


A working goal of this program will be to also identify and involve potential 

riders that lack some of the resources to get more involved. 

The Youth Cycling League at the Dick Lane Velodrome in East Point 

is one resource we are working with and we are always looking for others. 

We wish to work in tandem with these organizations and help interested and 

dedicated youth evolve to achieve their higher potential.


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Young Cyclists

 Not all young cyclists will be able to become professionals. However, that does not mean they are any less deserving of the same quality of instruction and attention to reach their highest potential as young men and women. 


Our Goal

The goal is to teach not just the fundamentals of bike racing and riding, but to instill a lifelong love of a sport that is both healthy and adventurous. Our hope is that love will continue past the point of whether a rider’s future is as a professional or hobbyist. However, we are extremely proud of our riders growing and moving on to better teams.



The Team Mission-Source Junior Development Program allows these junior cyclists the ability to ride with and be coached by athletes who have gone through development programs and high level coaching themselves.


.Older Juniors

It is based on a principle of working with aspiring professionals who in turn mentor the older juniors. We also then encourage the older juniors to inspire younger juniors just discovering cycling. It is a system designed to foster not just ambition,but leadership skills and teamwork that extends beyond the tarmac and into life


Helping others

A working goal of this program will be to also identify and involve potential riders that lack some of the resources to get more involved


Dick Lane Velodrome

Cycling League at the Dick Lane Velodrome in East Point is one resource we are working with and we are always looking for others. We wish to work in tandem with these organizations and help interested and dedicated youth evolve to achieve their higher potential


Join Us 

Please let us know if you would like to become involved as a rider, a sponsor or even a coach. We would love to hear from you. Potential riders will need to be between 10 and 17 years old based on their age as of December 31st of any given year

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